Robert “Junior” Lockwood Photos

Robert Lockwood, Jr., A.K.A. Robert Junior Lockwood, (March 27, 1915 – November 21, 2006) is a true legend of blues guitar. The stepson and student of Robert Johnson and a heralded session musician for Chess and J.O.B. Records, Robert Jr. has influenced all blues guitarists after him. His fretwork is an integral part of many of the classic recordings of Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, Eddie Boyd, Sunnyland Slim, and many more. Bob first met Robert Jr. in the mid ’70s and has produced recordings with him since 1979. No blues guitarist deserves more respect than the great Robert Junior Lockwood.


1970s (Photo by Doug Fulton)


In The Recording Studio (Photo by Dick Rice)


Robert “Junior” Lockwood & Bob Corritore at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona (Photo by Jim Wells)


Robert “Red Top” Young, Chico Chism, Robert “Junior” Lockwood, Bob Corritore at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona (Photo by Jim Wells)


Robert “Junior” Lockwood at KJZZ Studios – 2003 (Photo by Bob Corritore)


Bob Corritore, Chico Chism, Robert “Junior” Lockwood, Paris James at The Night of the Live Recording Session That Became “The Legend Live” CD (Photo by Dick Rice)


1990s Promotional Photo


Henry Gray & Robert “Junior” Lockwood at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona (Photo by Davis Horwitz)


Little Willie Anderson & Robert “Junior” Lockwood – 1979 (Photo by Jim O’Neal)


Robert “Junior” Lockwood at The Paradise Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma – This Was The Night That Bob Corritore & Robert First Met – 1977 (Photo by Bob Corritore)

Vintage Photo of Sonny Boy Williamson II & Robert “Junior” Lockwood


A Youthful Robert “Junior” Lockwood


Robert “Junior” Lockwood


St. Louis Jimmy, Georges Adins, Robert “Junior” Lockwood, Muddy Waters in Chicago – Early 1960s


Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller), KFFA Owner Sam Anderson, Robert “Junior” Lockwood in King Biscuit Time Promotional Shot in Helena, Arkansas – 1940s (Photo Courtesy of Terry Buckalew of KFFA)

Robert Lockwood, Jr. and Pinetop Perkins

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