5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Bob,
    Any chance for sending me, somehow your new album for spins and promotion
    Many thanx for your time and best regards
    Mladen Loncar – Mike
    Blues For You – radio show @ 96,6 MHz Radio Krizevci
    Slusajte Radio Krizevci
    Link: http://www.soundguardian.com
    Link: http://www.croblues.com
    Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/blues-dj/
    My address is:
    Tomislavova 9
    48260 Krizevci
    Republic Of Croatia

  2. Bob is a consummate musician and he is gracious as well. He has broadened my concept of what a harp can do. I had no idea it could be more than an accent instrument. The guy is talented and seems genuinely his own man. I hope to see him many times. He is young enough that we can all look forward to many more. What a joy to see him and hear his music. Seems like a straight up, fun person. I wish him the best always. God must have been in a very inspired good frame of mind when he made Bob Corritote. Glad I get to hear his music and occasionally see him perform. Great performer…looks great, smiles, is gracious to other musicians, tasteful, tactful, generous, great personality and a real Keeper.

  3. Dear Bob, heard Little Johnny Taylor with very high vocals as in ” Stop fooling around” on R&B on Lakewood Boulevard by Downey. So, I also bought, Open house at my house. On West Side. And his Greatest Hits. On Fantasy Records. But these CD’s don’t have his high pitch vocals. Do you know any that do?

  4. hello bob, this is brigitte, the german lady which is frequently visiting your club. My friend since 40 years (and whom you also know) Monte C. Thomas, is asking me to please give him a tentative date to bring down the “Bishop of the Blues” = Paul Plumeri from New York, for a show at your place. I personally will be at The Rhythm Room this weekend, hoping to get to “catch” you on this matter. thank you so very much.

  5. Hello Bob, I saw you with Bob Margolin at Le Festival de Blues de Donnacona (Québec), Canada and for me it was two great nights of Old School Chicago Blues. I had appreciated your harp playing so much with the nuances and subtlety that you deliver in your performances! Complicity on stage was natural and amazing at the same time! Thank you very much and hope to see you again!

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