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  1. Hi Bob,
    Any chance for sending me, somehow your new album for spins and promotion
    Many thanx for your time and best regards
    Mladen Loncar – Mike
    Blues For You – radio show @ 96,6 MHz Radio Krizevci
    Slusajte Radio Krizevci
    Link: http://www.soundguardian.com
    Link: http://www.croblues.com
    Link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/blues-dj/
    My address is:
    Tomislavova 9
    48260 Krizevci
    Republic Of Croatia

  2. Bob is a consummate musician and he is gracious as well. He has broadened my concept of what a harp can do. I had no idea it could be more than an accent instrument. The guy is talented and seems genuinely his own man. I hope to see him many times. He is young enough that we can all look forward to many more. What a joy to see him and hear his music. Seems like a straight up, fun person. I wish him the best always. God must have been in a very inspired good frame of mind when he made Bob Corritote. Glad I get to hear his music and occasionally see him perform. Great performer…looks great, smiles, is gracious to other musicians, tasteful, tactful, generous, great personality and a real Keeper.

  3. Dear Bob, heard Little Johnny Taylor with very high vocals as in ” Stop fooling around” on R&B on Lakewood Boulevard by Downey. So, I also bought, Open house at my house. On West Side. And his Greatest Hits. On Fantasy Records. But these CD’s don’t have his high pitch vocals. Do you know any that do?

  4. hello bob, this is brigitte, the german lady which is frequently visiting your club. My friend since 40 years (and whom you also know) Monte C. Thomas, is asking me to please give him a tentative date to bring down the “Bishop of the Blues” = Paul Plumeri from New York, for a show at your place. I personally will be at The Rhythm Room this weekend, hoping to get to “catch” you on this matter. thank you so very much.

  5. Hello Bob, I saw you with Bob Margolin at Le Festival de Blues de Donnacona (Québec), Canada and for me it was two great nights of Old School Chicago Blues. I had appreciated your harp playing so much with the nuances and subtlety that you deliver in your performances! Complicity on stage was natural and amazing at the same time! Thank you very much and hope to see you again!

  6. Octobar 29 2020……In a real flood of new releases, I decided to set aside my time for the album, which was originally released in 2007, that is, a full 13 years ago, since the album itself was created during 2005 and 2006. Now, or more precisely on October 23, VizzTone Label Group, with the media promotion of the very agile and accommodating Amy Brat from her BratGirlmedia, brings us the debut album “Travelin The Dirt Road” by the great harpist Bob Corritore and the exceptional blues musician Dave Rilley. And that this is actually the first of three albums from Bob Corritore’s “From The Vaults” series that I will present to you.

    Yes, I know I’m a little late, but since this is a re-release of the album with the current addition of songs that are not included in the first release, they are now here and somehow that initial image is rounded off.
    As this is the debut album, I gave it an advantage over the second release, which has its “street date”, but I know it’s not that important. What matters is the strong musical charge and power that comes from the incredibly impressive master leatherman and the absolutely “deep down south” of a certain Dave Riley. Together they set some new norms in the blues, but they also showed how this “old school blues” is presented and how in fact their story and collaboration was filled with a complete blues atmosphere in every segment of musical postulates that apply to blues.
    The album fully demonstrates the natural musical chemistry and friendship that ultimately results in pure blues. The album is an expanded reissue of their debut album, nominated for the Blues Music Award, in 2007, originally released for Blue Witch Records.
    I have to admit that I am very glad that VizzTone Label Group has recognized the significance of these albums that I will present to you from this truly valuable and in a way historical series of the series “From The Vaults”.

    Is it funny to give a recommendation after 13 years after the original release of the album, and it really isn’t, because I deeply and truly believe that there are really a small number of those who already had this album in 2007, especially in this part of Europe. Of course, honor the exceptions but it’s hard to always have and follow everything, it’s a story that just spins and grows, and gets bigger and stronger every day.
    Original guitarist and singer Dave Riley and haprist Bob Corritore with their debut album “Travelin ‘The Dirt Road” take the listener on a true and spiritual musical journey through Delta. Produced by Bob Corritore, “Travelin ‘The Dirt Road” brings us 10 songs in the original edition, while here we are offered 12 songs of extremely powerful “down-home blues”. Ten tracks signed by Dave Riley and two (“I’m Not Your Junkman” and “Doggone Blues”) were written by his friend (and former bandmate), the late John Weston.
    In the end, it is important to point out that Dave and Bob met there sometime in 2002 and soon became close friends but also music collaborators. Riley’s “squeaky” vocals flushed with muddy Mississippi and a real “down home blues” guitar, as well as the passionate, passionate and full gig of Bob’s Leather, we got a blues load that is really rarely heard.
    If you accidentally missed this album for who knows what reason now is a unique opportunity to BE SURE to do so. Trust me you won’t regret it!
    Find out more at:
    Video: https://youtu.be/-vuceVB95Qc

    Song list:
    01.I’m Not Your Junkman
    02. Travelin ’the Dirt Road
    03. Overalls
    04. Come Here Woman
    05. Let’s Have Some Fun Tonight
    06. My Baby’s Gone
    07. Voodoo Woman, Voodoo Man
    08. Way Back Home
    09. Doggone Blues
    10. Country Tough
    11. Friends
    12. Safe At Last

    Yours bluesy,
    Mladen Loncar – Mike

  7. Kid Ramos and Bob Corritore – “From The Vaults: Phoenix Blues Sessions” : https://www.soundguardian.com/index.php/blues-corner-kolumne-53/54200-kid-ramos-and-bob-corritore-from-the-vaults-phoenix-blues-sessions
    The second album from Bob Corritore’s “From The Vaults” series I’m going to present to you has its “street date” just today, November 13th. This time it’s an album that brilliantly describes to us how great guitarist Kid Ramos and Bob Corritore collaborated. The period is long and stretches throughout the decade. During that period, Kid Ramos and Bob Corritore collaborated on four strong studio recordings in Phoenix from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, and now we have before us, so to speak, a revised and prepared edition.

    In the original edition, “Phoenix Blues Sessions” was published in a limited edition and all proceeds were intended solely for the medical treatments of Kid Ramos. VizzTone Label Group has now further arranged and edited this edition for the commercial market.

    The release brings us some of the most convincing performances by guest musicians whose lineup consists of: Henry Gray, Nappy Brown, Big Pete Pearson, Chief Schubuttie ‘Gilliame, Dr. Fish and Chico Chisma. With the help of backing musicians, Kid and Bob brilliantly write down what true musicians do when they play in studio sessions. Yes, I must not forget to point out the participation of another great blues guitarist, Johnny Rapp, who plays in all the songs and does it so well that every little listener shoots that “blue vibe” from which true blues fans are simply taken away, without lyrics.

    There are no dictations, there are no hints of any pressure, of any “you have to”, no, they really don’t have to do anything, they are just there to play and enjoy how and in what way they perform that music which they love so much. And what is left for us except to relax and enjoy the “first class old school blues”.

    This team performs their music so sincerely and with inspiration that it is felt from really every note. Of course, Bob honors us again with songs that are in his archive and that through the series “From the Vaults” simply reveal previously unavailable and unpublished pearls, which have a very strong effect on the musical beings of all of us who love this musical style. This time Bob explored and dug up four spectacular hitherto unreleased songs. What to say except: thank you, Bob, for everything, and especially for what you give us so selflessly!

    If you haven’t caught the first edition, now is an opportunity not to be missed. “Phoenix Blues Sessions” is the second in a row from Bob Corritore’s impressive “From the Vaults” series.

    He simply has to become, if not already, part of the collection of any serious blues fan.

    Find out more at:


    1. Aw Shucks Baby
    2. Come On In
    3. 24 Hours
    4. No More Doggin ’
    5. I Held My Baby Last Night
    6. Natural Ball
    7. Mother In Law Blues
    8. They Raided The Joint
    9. Possum In My Tree
    10. Baby Don’t You Tear My Clothes
    11. Talkin ’Bout You
    12. Snakes Crawls At Night

    (VizzTone Label Group)

    Yours bluesy,
    Mladen Loncar – Mike

  8. Hi Bob, new one…
    Blues Corner
    Henry Gray & Bob Corritore – “Cold Chills”
    When Henry Gray left us forever on February 17 this year at the age of 95, it was a really big loss for anyone who loves the blues. But, unfortunately, it is also the only life “right” that no one will avoid.

    This story begins in 1996, when Henry Gray began performing with the excellent harpist Bob Corritore. That story lasted until 2018, when doctors no longer allowed Henry to perform.

    “Cold Chills” is an amazing collection of “old school blues” that can only be so impressively performed by musicians like Henry and Bob. And the fact that Blues Corner has an exclusive promotion, we can only thank Richard Rosenblatt and Amy Brat. Namely, just today, December 4, the VizzTone Label Group, along with the global radio promotion BratGirlmedia, are officially releasing this truly “awesome” album.
    This compilation consists mostly or mostly of previously unreleased audio recordings, collected over the years of collaboration, and it is important to underline two songs: “Ain’t No Use”, with which this collaboration began, and “The Twist”, with which she stopped. The other 13 tracks show extremely strongly and directly how well Henry and Bob collaborated and functioned and how with the support of a truly “crazy” team some of the best tonal recordings of this musical style were created.

    The undeniable power of the musicians colliding in these musical stories will simply fascinate you and leave you speechless!

    Gray has lived in Chicago since the age of 12, playing the piano in the Howlin ’Wolf band. And after a lot of effort and toil Henry managed to challenge the thesis that Wolf fired him for drinking. Both as a man and as an artist, this was extremely important to him!
    It is Henry who is credited with creating the distinctive sound of Chicago piano blues. I will definitely add that in 2017 Gray was admitted to the “Blues Hall Of Fame”. I will not mention all those other awards and recognitions because the story would be very long because of that.

    Is this an album for those who have just met the blues? Of course not! This is, after all, a difficult material for them. But if you’re a true experienced blues connoisseur, the “Cold Chills” album will be a really tasty bite for you, after which you’ll just be looking for more and more!

    My dear “blues lovers”, don’t hesitate and secure your copy of the album as soon as possible that will soar you into the “blue sky” of traditional Chicago blues.

    Henry Gray without any evasion always claimed, “Every person who’s ever been through anything, they’ve gotten the blues.” Personally, I know you are part of that story and therefore, my dear “blues lovers”, go ahead, in front of you is something very good, high quality and special, in front of you is a powerful album “Cold Chills” that brings you soundtracks from two decades of collaboration two true blues masters.

    Find out more at:


    1. Cold Chills
    2. Look Out Mabel
    3. Don’t You Like To Me
    4. John Brim Phone Message
    5. Moonlight Blues
    6. Going Away Baby
    7. Mother In Law Blues
    8. Hurt Your Feelings
    9. The Mojo
    10. Ain’t No Use
    11. The Twist
    12. You For Me
    13. Javelina Jamboree
    14. Birthday Blues
    15. Going Down Slow

    (VizzTone Label Group / BratGirlmedia)

    Yours bluesy,
    Mladen Loncar – Mike

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