Play Songs

Koko Taylor & Bob Corritore / What Kind Of Man Is This?
From Harmonica Blues (2010)

Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore / I’m Worried
From Longtime Friends In The Blues (2012)

Bob Corritore (with Eddie Shaw & Buddy Reed) / 1850 W. Roosevelt (Instrumental)
From Harmonica Blues (2010)

Chief Schubuttie Gillame (with Bob, Rusty Zinn & Kirk Fletcher) / Come To Me Baby
From Snakes Crawls At Night (2004)

Bob Corritore (with Junior Watson & Fred Kaplan) / Many A Devil’s Night (Instrumental)
From Taboo (2014)

Big Pete Pearson & The Rhythm Room All-Stars (solos by Bob, Johnny Rapp, Clay Swafford) / Tin Pan Alley
From I’m Here Baby (2007)

Bob Corritore (With Jimmie Vaughan, Doug James, Papa John DeFrancesco) / Mr. Tate’s Advice (Instrumental)
From Taboo (2014)

Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore / Please Mr. Jailer
From Longtime Friends in the Blues (2012)

Pinetop Perkins & Bob Corritore / Big Fat Mama
From Harmonica Blues (2010)

Little Milton & Bob Corritore / 6 Bits On Your Dollar
From Harmonica Blues (2010)

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