Photo Collection of Bob Riedy

Bob Riedy was a crucial figure of the 1970’s Chicago blues scene. In addition to playing great Otis Spann-influenced piano and leading a consummate band capable of backing a wide array of great Chicago blues, he spearheaded RMR Productions, which brought many great great blues artists to a circuit of Northside clubs that included Biddy Mulligan’s, Wise Fool’s Pub, The Peanut Barrel, and others. Many great artists found work and popularity as they won over new audiences at these venues. These photos are the promo shots used by RMR Productions, and show the wonderful array of talent that was helped by Riedy’s efforts. For more information of Bob Riedy and his Chicago Sound Recordings label, click here. Thanks to Bob Riedy for allowing us to use these great photos which capture a glimpse of the great Chicago blues of the 1970s.

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