Johnny Dyer Photos

Johnny Dyer, though born in Mississippi, is the West Coast’s greatest link to the music of Muddy Waters, Little Walter, and Jimmy Rogers. A brilliant harmonica player and powerful vocalist, he masterfully rekindles the flavor and spirit of 1950s Chicago blues. Currently working in the West Coast super blues group The Mannish Boys, Johnny has brought the message of Chicago blues to all of his U.S. and European performances. Bob Corritore considers Johnny to be one of his mentors, and they have performed together many times over the years. Please enjoy these photos of one of our favorite blues artists.

Johnny Dyer and Bob Corritore at the Rhythm Room. Photo David Horwitz.

Johnny Dyer. Photo Phil Wight.

Johnny Dyer and Chief Schabuttie Gilliame, Rhythm Room, January 31, 2004. Photo Daniel Swadener.

Photo by Jean-Claude Fourez.

Johnny Dyer and Bob Corritore, Memphis 2007.

Johnny Dyer with Rick Holmstrom smiling and playing guitar in the background. Photo Victor Reid.

Johnny Dyer. Photo Victor Reid.


Johnny Dyer
(Photo by Scott Allen & Jenn Taylor /

Johnny Dyer, James Harman, Rod Piazza. Photo courtesy Art Villegas.

Johnny Dyer and Lazy Lester. Photo Patrick Van Speybrock.

Johnny Dyer / Oh Baby (misspelled on label) on Good Time Blues (Shakey Jake’s record company) was mainly sold regionally at Johnny’s shows in Los Angeles. 


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