Tail Dragger Photos

One of the great personalities of Chicago blues is the unstoppable Tail Dragger, whose charisma fills up any room he plays in. Though considered to be a Howlin’ Wolf stylist, Tail Dragger puts his own touch to the proceedings. A regular performer on the West Side of Chicago, Tail Dragger’s band has provided work for many great artists, including Eddie Taylor, Jimmy Dawkins, Hubert Sumlin, James Scott, Willie Kent, Tim Taylor, Larry Taylor, Martin Lange, Rockin’ Johnny, Robert Plunkett, Illinois Slim, Scott Dirks, Dave Waldman, and many others. Bob Corritore had the privilege of working with Tail Dragger in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Enjoy these photos of the great Tail Dragger.

Left to right: Big Leon Brooks, Paul Cooper, Willie Williams (drums), Tail Dragger (in overalls), Sylvia Embry. Photo courtesy Paul Cooper.

Willie Williams, Paul Cooper, Tail Dragger (seated), Sylvia Embry, Big Leon Brooks. Photo courtesy Paul Cooper.

Tail Dragger – Delta Fish Market – Early 1980s
Bob Corritore & Boston Blackie in the background
(Photo by Marty Green)

Tail Dragger. Photo André Hobus Library courtesy Marc de Jonghe.


Tail Dragger’s 45 of “My Head Is Bald”



Poster outside the 5105 Club – Tail Dragger had a regular Sunday night gig there during the 09s
(Photo by Scott Dirks)


Tail Dragger appearing at Botermarkt Blues in Haarlem, Netherlands – June 15, 2008
(Photo by Rob de Fries)


Tail Dragger appearing at Botermarkt Blues in Haarlem, Netherlands – June 15, 2008
(Photo by Rob de Fries)


Tail Dragger, Age 5, in Arkansas
(Photo Courtesy of Tail Dragger & Scott Dirks)

Tail Dragger CD / DVD for Delmark: My Head Is Bald
Recorded Live at Vern’s Friendly Lounge in Chicago

Photo by Dave Blake

Bob Corritore and Tail Dragger backstage at the 2011 Chicago Blues Festival. Photo by Daniel Swadener.

Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore in Helsinki, Finland 2012 by Pertti Nurmi.

Eddie Taylor Jr., Henry Gray (seated), Bob Corritore, Tail Dragger (seated), Rockin’ Johnny, Illinois Slim, Bob Stroger (seated), Brian Fahey. Photo by Drew Verbis. 

Tail Dragger crawling on the floor at the Rhythm Room! Photo by Marilyn Stringer.

Bob Corritore, Tail Dragger, Rockin’ Johnny, Illinois Slim, 2016 Chicago Blues Festival.

Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore at Reggie’s, Chicago

Willie Buck, Bob Corritore, Tail Dragger outside of Jazz Record Mart, Chicago.
Tail Dragger, Bob Corritore, Henry Gray in Pocos de Caldas, Brazil.
Tail Dragger, Valerie June, Bob Corritore, Kirk Fletcher at 2011 BMAs, Memphis, TN. 

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