Honeyboy Edwards Photos

Honeyboy Edwards exemplifies the well-traveled Delta bluesman. He made his first recordings for Alan Lomax and the Library of Congress in July of 1942 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He traveled throughout the South, and up to Chicago. Legend has it that on one of his travels to Chicago, he brought Little Walter there for the first time. His long and illustrious recording career includes releases on ARC, Sun, Chess, Folkways, Earwig, Milestone, Adelphi, Echo, Blue Horizon, Blues Classics, Flyright, Document, Roots, Trix, Testament, Evidence, and his Grammy®-award winning collaboration on the Blue Shoe Project label. Though in his 90s, Honeyboy’s touring schedule is greater than most musicians a third his age. His durable approach to blues is a time machine back into the glory days of prewar Delta blues.


Honeyboy Edwards
(Photo by Anton Mifosky)



Honeyboy Edwards
(Photo by Dick Rice)



Honeyboy Edwards


Honeyboy Edwards
(Photo by Gary Compton)



Bob Corritore, Chris James, Honeyboy Edwards, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith
The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona


Honeyboy Edwards


Honeyboy Edwards & Carey Bell – 1986
(Photo by Nicolas Valonne / Soul Bag)


Wallace Coleman & Honeyboy Edwards at the funeral repast for Robert Lockwood, Jr.
The Agora in Cleveland, Ohio
(Photo by Bob Corritore)

Michael and Honeyboy

Michael Frank & Honeyboy Edwards in Wales – 1993
(Photo by Dave Peabody)


Honeyboy Edwards at the Jazz Record Mart in Chicago – 1972
(Photo by Emmanuel Choisnel / Soul Bag)


Honeyboy Edwards – Program from Carnegie Hall – April 10, 1979
(Photo Courtesy of Michael Frank)

Lightnin Hopkins, Clifton Chenier, Honeyboy Edwards

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