Little Walter Photo Tribute

The late Little Walter came into this world to forever expand the boundaries of the blues harmonica. His stirring use of tone, phrasing, and dynamics is to this day unequalled. Please enjoy these images of a true musical genius.


Matty Rollins and Little Walter. Photo courtesy the Scott Dirks collection.

Little Arthur Duncan with Little Walter.

The cover of cash box magazine in November 1952 featured a photo of disc-jockey Al Benson interviewing Little Walter and Leonard Chess about Walter’s new hit single Juke!


Sunnyland Slim, Jump Jackson, Roosevelt Sykes, Little Walter (sitting) and Little Brother Montgomery. Photo by Paul Oliver.

Little Walter with his daughter Marion. Photo courtesy of the Little Walter Foundation.

Little Walter with Brian Smith and John Roberts in Manchester, England. Photo courtesy of Brian Smith.



Little Walter on Maxwell Street Playing Guitar – 1964
(Photo by Ray Flerlage)


Little Walter and Junior Pettis. Photo Ray Flerlage.

Little Walter, Harvey Hill Jr., Muddy Waters.

Little Walter at Teresa’s, 1965. Photo by Ray Flerlage.

Little Walter, Junior Pettis, Sammy Lawhorn. Photo by Ray Flerlage.

Little Walter relaxing at Theresa’s Lounge. Photo Ray Flerlage.

Junior Wells and Little Walter at Theresa’s Lounge. Photo Ray Flerlage.

Little Walter. Photo Ray Flerlage.

Fred Below and Little Walter. Photo by Ray Flerlage.


Fred Below, Little Walter, Sammy Lawhorn. Photo Ray Flerlage.


Little Walter, Junior Pettis, Sammy Lawhorn. Photo by Ray Flerlage.

Little Walter. Photo Val Wilmer.

Little Walter photo shoot during his 1964 U.K. visit. Photo by Cyrus Andrews.

Little Walter photo shoot during his 1964 U.K. visit. Photo by Cyrus Andrews.

Little Walter photo shoot during his 1964 U.K. visit. Photo by Cyrus Andrews.


Little Walter at Theresa’s Lounge, October, 1965. Photo Ray Flerlage.

Little Walter in 1967.


Little Walter & Bukka White in Europe – 1967
(Photo by Jean-Pierre Loloir)

Photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir.


Little Walter & Hound Dog Tayler in Europe – 1967
(Photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir)



Koko Taylor, Sonny Terry, Odie Payne, Little Walter 1967
(Photo by Jean-Paul Leloir)


(Photo by Don Bronstein)

Little Walter in England, 1964. Photo by Mike Rowe.

Little Walter in 1967. Photo Jan Persson.

Little Walter with fans, Borough Assembly Hall, Aylesbury, England, October, 1964.

Per Scott Dirks, Little Walters affidavit of birth, issued in 1967 so that Walter would be able to get a passport. Note that Walter had also gone to Europe in 1964, leaving the question of a passport during that earlier trip.


Little Walter & James Cotton
(Photo by Ernest Withers)

Freddie Robinson, Little Walter, and Walter’s girlfriend Mattie.

Chuck Berry, Little Walter, Chicago DJ Ric Ricardo, Roy Hamilton 



Little Walter illustration by Fred Carlson.

A wonderful illustration of Little Walter by artist George Fraynes.

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4 thoughts on “Little Walter Photo Tribute

  1. Juke was the first blues song I heard as a teenager, I found a tape in a bargain bin called FOREVER. BLUES and Juke was the first cut. I played that tape until it disintegrated, have loved Little Walter ever since. He was always easy go to guy on my radio show!!!

  2. Bob, the ‘unknown’ in the photo labelled of Chuck Berry, Walter and Roy Hamilton was positively ID’d on the RBF group as Ric Ricardo, Chicago DJ. Jim

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