Big Walter Horton Photos

Big Walter Horton was one of the greatest harmonica stylists of all time, and a true master of Chicago blues. He possessed an unbelievable sound that stood out above all other players, that incorporated a chilling vibrato, combined with swooping phrases and a bell-like tonality. Though a fine singer, his role on many recordings was that of an accompanist. Many of the recordings that included his harmonica are true classics, such as Jimmy Rogers’ Walkin’ By Myself, Muddy Waters’ She’s All Right, Johnny Shines’ Evening Sun, and Tommy Brown’s Southern Woman. Growing up in Chicago, Bob was blessed to know Big Walter Horton and to see hundreds of his performances. Please enjoy this collection of rare photos of a true champion of blues harmonica.


Big Walter Horton Performing at Free Trade Hall in Manchester for the 3rd American Folk Blues Festival – 1964 (Photo by Brian Smith)


Chicago Blues All-Stars
Johnny Shines, Clifton James, Willie Dixon, Sunnyland Slim, Big Walter Horton (Photo by Hans Harzheim)


Johnny Young & Big Walter Horton Arhoolie Publicity Photo

Big Walter Horton and Johnny Young. Photo by Chris Strachwitz.


Big Walter Horton by His South Side Chicago Apartment – January, 1970
This Photo Appeard on the LP Sleeve of Big Walter Horton’s King of Blues Harmonica Record on Delta Records Label (Photo by Lasse Lindedal, Courtesy of Jefferson / Scandinavian Blues Association – Thanks to Volvo Slim for Some of This Photo Information)


Big Walter Playing Guitar (Photo by Erik Linhahl, Courtesy of Jefferson Magazine)

1960s Portrait of Big Walter Horton
(Note – Big Walter often smoked a cigarette while playing the harmonica)


Big Walter Horton, Willie Dixon, Clifton James, Sunnyland Slim, Johnny Shines


German Blues Promoter Horst Lippmann & Big Walter Horton by Walter’s South Side Chicago Apartment – 1960s


Floyd Jones, Big Walter Horton, Sunnyland Slim (Photo by Raeburn Flerlage)


Big Walter Horton, Floyd Jones, Sunnyland Slim, Big Joe Williams (Photo by Raeburn Flerlage)


Big Walter Horton on the Cover of the Swedish Blues Magazine Jefferson (Photo by Lasse Lindedal)

Big Walter Horton
(Photo by Sylvia Pitcher)


Big Walter Horton, Honeyboy Edwards, Sunnyland Slim, Floyd Jones, Kansas City Red
Acme Studios in Chicago, Illinois for the Session That Produced the
Old Friends Album on the Earwig Music Label – 1979 (Photo by Alfred Petter)


Big Walter Horton & Lynwood Slim on a Visit to See Pat Hare at the Minnesota State Prison (Photo by Pat Hare, Courtesy of Lynwood Slim)


Big Walter Horton Obituary (Courtesy of Illinois Slim)


Big Walter Horton Publicity Photo – 1950s

Big Walter Horton and Little Pat Rushing.
Photo courtesy of Claudia Beatriz.

Sunnyland Slim, Clifton James, Johnny Shines, Big Walter Horton, Willie Dixon in 1969!

Charlie Musselwhite and Big Walter Horton together at a session for Vanguard Records Living Chicago Blues Series.

Big Walter Horton & Carey Bell. This Photo was used on the back cover of Big Walter’s Alligator album. Photo by Peter Amft.

John Lee Hooker and Big Walter Horton!

Big Walter Horton and John Lee Hooker.

Big Walter Horton and Wild Child Butler. Photo by Andre Hobus.

Eddie Taylor, John Lee Hooker, Big Walter Horton, London, 1968.

Big Walter Horton. Photo Jan Persson.

Big Walter Horton. Photo Jan Persson.

1964 American Folk Blues Festival. Left to right: Big Mama Thornton, Big Walter Horton, J.B. Lenoir, Doctor Ross, Fred Below, John Lee Hooker, Fred McDowell.

Big Walter Horton and Hound Dog Taylor.

Big Walter Horton, John Nicholas, Johnny Shines! 

A prison mug shot of Big Walter

Jimmy DeBerry and Big Walter Horton. Photo by Steve LaVere.

Big Walter Horton recording at the Sutherland Lounge, Chicago, 1964. Photo by Hans Westman.

Ronnie Earl, Big Walter Horton, unidentified person.

Famous photo of Big Walter by D. Shigly.

Big Walter Horton, 1975 by Steve Salibo.

Big Walter Horton, 1975 by Steve Salibo.

Big Walter Horton, Willie Nix, Patty Nix, J.T. Brown, Katie (last name unknown), Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers

Snooky Pryor, Big Walter Horton, Homesick James, 1979. Photo Amy Van Singel.

T-Bone Walker and Big Walter Horton

Clockwise from left: Floyd Jones, Kansas City Red, Sunnyland Slim, Big Walter Horton and Willie Johnson. Photo Frank Scott, Chicago, Mid 1960s.

Jim Themelis, Big Walter Horton, Rich Molena, Jim Belushi outside of BLUES, Chicago.

Big Walter Advertising from BLUES On Halsted, Chicago. 
Courtesy Jillina Arrigo Pope

Lee Jackson and Big Walter Horton. 
Photo by Jan Persson

Photo by Jan Persson

Big Walter Horton and Carey Bell. Photo David Spencer. 

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