Middle Walter Photos

Middle Walter was a fine but obscure harmonica player who was based in Gary, Indiana. His real name was James Jones (no relation to Tail Dragger who shares the same legal name), but was named Middle Walter by Johnny Littlejohn in an obvious gesture to associate him with the popular harmonica players Little Walter and Big Walter Horton.

He was very active musically in Gary during the 1950s and ’60s. Though he never recorded as a leader, he contributed some killer harmonica work as a sideman on the records of Big Daddy Simpson and his son Melvin Simpson on the M-Pac label.

He resurfaced in the late ’70s as a bass player in the Kansas City Red Blues Band and it was then that Bob got to know and befriend Middle Walter. In his last years he was touring as the harmonica player with Big Daddy Kinsey and the Kinsey Report.

Middle Walter passed in 1986. Though a relative unknown he was a hero to those of us who knew him. Enjoy these great photos including a few classic shots from the ’50s.

1950s Publicity Photo

Middle Walter performing in Gary, Indiana in the 1950s with his blues band that included a woman by the name of Lamar on drums.

Middle Walter – late 70s (Photo by Jim O’Neal)

Middle Walter – late 70s (Photo by Jim O’Neal)

Middle Walter & Bob Corritore at MW’s home in Gary, Indiana (Photo by Jim O’Neal)


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One thought on “Middle Walter Photos

  1. Never knew that my adopted fathers younger brother was a musician. His older brother Lebrada Duckworth was my adopted father. We grew up in Gary.

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