Chicago Blues – 1970s to Early 1980s – Part 3

Big Smokey Smothers with Lester Davenport on harmonica, 1982, Blues On Halsted, Chicago. Photo by Alan Harper, courtesy Illinois Slim.

Jimmie Lee Robinson 1979. Photo Jim O’Neal.

Mary Lane at Theresa’s. Photo by Marc PoKempner.

Big Leon Brooks and Rich Yescalis! Photo by D. Shigley.

Ted Harvey

Big Smokey Smothers, Lee Shot Williams, Lester Davenport, Little Smokey Smothers, 1982, Kingston Mines, Chicago. Photo by Alan Harper.

Lamar Chatman and Lee Jackson at Kingston Mines.

Willie Davis Publicity Shot (Courtesy of Jim O’Neal)

L.C. Roby Publicity Shot

Eddie Shaw and Johnny Littlejohn. Photo Amy Van Singel.

Carey Bell and his son Steve Bell.

Eddie “J.T.” Burks. Photo courtesy of Blues Archives.

Eddie “J.T.” Burks. Photo courtesy of Blues Archives.

Billy Branch playing Harmonica in 1973 with Lonnie Brooks on guitar. Photo by Jim O’Neal.

Queen Sylvia Embry at Biddy Mulligans, Chicago in 1981. Photo by Martin Feldmann.

Jimmy Walker. Photo by Alan Harper.

Jimmy Johnson. Photo by Alan Harper.

Boston Blackie and Eddie C. Campbell 1977. Photo by Andre Hobus.

Larry Taylor, Little Wolf, Tim Taylor at the Delta Fish Market. Photo Kurt Whiting.

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