Blues Blast 2000

Blues Blast is Phoenix’s annual blues festival which is presented every February by the Phoenix Blues Society at the Mesa Amphitheatre and includes a great program of national headliners and local talent. Bob’s All-Star Blues Sessions CD had just come out and he put together a revue of some of the great artists that appeared on the album. This brought together a great cast of musicians including Henry Gray, King Karl, Kid Ramos, Lil’ Ed (who had done a set with his own band earlier in the program), Chico Chism, Paul Thomas and Johnny Rapp. Bob’s old friend, Eddie Shaw, was also on the bill that year and he came up to help with the finale. Here are some photos of that memorable set that closed out the festival.

Bob Corritore

Lil Ed Williams

Lil Ed Williams & Bob Corritore

Lil Ed Williams

Lil Ed Williams

Kid Ramos

Lil Ed Williams & Henry Gray

Grammy Nominee Henry Gray

King Karl

King Karl

Bob Corritore, Johnny Rapp, Kid Ramos, Paul Thomas & Chico Chism

Paul Thomas

Chico Chism

Lil Ed Williams, Eddie Shaw & Bob Corritore

Bob Corritore, Chico Chism & Eddie Shaw

Bob Corritore, Paul Thomas & Kid Ramos

Bob with friends Jen & Liberdy (Photo by Elliott Meyerson)

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