Tomcat Courtney Photos

San Diego-based blues guitarist/vocalist Tomcat Courtney was born in Waco, Texas in 1929, where he grew up on the music of Lightnin’ Hopkins and T-Bone Walker, both whom he knew personally. Tomcat is a stunning vocalist and guitarist with a beautiful down-home approach to the blues. He relocated to California in the 1960s, first moving to Los Angeles; and then, in the early 1970s, to San Diego, where he has lived since. He has become a prominent elder statesman of the San Diego blues community. Bob and Tomcat were introduced in 2007 by Chris James, who had played with Tomcat since the early 1980s (Chris joined Tomcat’s band at age 13). Bob Corritore has produced a beautiful Tomcat Courtney CD that will be released in early 2008. Please enjoy this collection of photos of the great Tomcat Courtney.


Tomcat Courtney
(Photo Courtesy of Chris James)

Tomcat Courtney 2008, Rhythm Room. Photo Dave Blake.

Bob Corritore, Chris James, Tomcat Courtney at the 2009 Lucerne Blues Festival, Switzerland. Photo by Heinz Steimann.

Bob Corritore, Chris James, Brian Fahey, Tomcat Courtney, Patrick Rynn Backstage before their set at the 2009 Lucerne Blues Festival. Photo by Dale Baich.

Bob Corritore, Tomcat Courtney, Youssef, Dave Riley at the 2009 Beautiful Swamp Blues Festival in Calais, France. Photo by Dale Baich.

Tomcat Courtney Just Outside of Bordeaux, France in 2009. Photo by Bob Corritore.

Tomcat Courtney 2015, Proud Mary’s, San Diego. Photo Dave Blake.

Tomcat Courtney. Photo Tony Tomlinson.

Tomcat Courtney. Photo by Tony Tomlinson.


Tomcat Courtney recording for the House Party at Big Jon’s album. Photo Bob Corritore.


Cover and inside artwork is courtesy of Tony Amato of Amato Image Design. Cover photo by Nena Anderson.
Blue Witch Label: BWR105 – Release Date: May 20, 2008







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3 thoughts on “Tomcat Courtney Photos

  1. I worked with Tom Cat for four years! He was a cook,and I was a waitresses on the graveyard shift. Tom would come out of the kitchen when it was slow and tell stories about his life! One night he handed my a gold chain, that he said he had found, but I could tell that it was new. I was a 33 year old white woman,and I can tell you without impunity I loved and respected that man, and all he was, and would be! He was one of the sweetest man I’ve ever known! Ask him about going through the South driving a Cadillac!

  2. I met Tomcat in the late 70’s.. Our entire band loved both his music, and most importantly, he himself. A tremendous loss.. May he eternally Rest in Peace. May his memory be a Blessing..
    AJ Weissman .. Lead Vocals Panic band…

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