Bo Diddley Photos

Though considered a founding father of Rock ‘N Roll, Bo Diddley’s roots are deep in the blues. Bo Diddley has had more of an impact on music as we know it today than perhaps any other individual. Here are some photos that pay tribute to this icon of music. “Bo Knows!”

Promotional flyer for a Bo Diddley gig at Phoenix’s Mason Jar – Late 1990s

Johnny Rapp, Bo Diddley, Chico Chism, Bob Corritore
The Mason Jar in Phoenix, Arizona
(Photos by Franco Gagliani)

Bo Diddley and Jerome Green

Phil Chess, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, and Bo Diddley for Chess Records’ “Super Blues” Session at Ter Mar Studios, Chicago, in January, 1967.

Bo Diddley in a music shop on Shaftesbury Lane, London, England; September 24th, 1965. (Photo by Tony Gale/Pictorial Press-Cache Agency)

Late 1980s Bo Diddley Promo Photo

Bo Diddley in session at Tempest Recorders. Photo Jim Wells.

Bo Diddley and Bob Corritore at Tempest Recording. Photo Jim Wells.

Bo Diddley and Bob Corritore performing at the Mason Jar, Phoenix. Photo Daniel Burnette.

Bo Diddley in concert at the Pony Express, Phoenix, mid-1980s with Bob Corritore (left) and Jerome Teasley (drums on right).

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