Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore – Longtime Friends In The Blues CD Artwork

Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore combine forces to deliver a powerful album of  heartfelt Chicago Blues. Joining the proceedings are an ensemble of first rate players including piano legend Henry Gray, guitarists Kirk Fletcher & Chris James, and the rhythm section of bassist Patrick Rynn, and drummer Brian Fahey. Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore first met on January 11, 1976 at the 1815 Club on Chicago’s West Side where they performed at a tribute to Howlin’ Wolf. who had died the day before. This was the symbolic beginning of a lifetime friendship and musical collaboration. Here is an album of raw, intense, emotional blues, performed ferociously and with no apologies. Here is the CD cover courtesy of graphic designer Josh Temkin with great photos by Dragan Tasic, Daniel Swadener, and Dave Blake.

Release date March 20, 2012

BC 2011 130

BC 2011 151

BC 2011 152

BC 2011 153

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