Photos from the Bob Margolin Archives

Bob Margolin and Bob Corritore are dear friends, and have collaborated on many musical projects both live and in the studio over the years. Bob Margolin played in Muddy Waters’ band for most of the 1970s. He was kind enough to share these wonderful photos from his travels.

Pinetop Perkins. Photo by Bob Margolin.

Bob Margolin, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton.

Muddy Waters and Pinetop Perkins catching a little sleep between flights at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Photo by Bob Margolin.

Pinetop Perkins with Hubert Sumlin. Photo by Bob Margolin.

A very young Joseph Morganfield in the mid-1970s. Bob Margolin took this photo in the dressing room at one of Muddy Waters’ shows. Joseph passed away at age 56 on December 10, 2020. Gone too soon.

Johnny Shines & Muddy Waters in New Orleans, Louisiana – 1976

Pinetop Perkins and Johnny Winter, January 1977 at a Columbia Records convention in Atlanta just before Hard Again was released and a month before a tour with Cotton.

Bob Margolin & Muddy Waters – Manchester, Michigan – February 10, 1978


Pinetop Perkins and his friend Pattie, London, 1978. Photo by Bob Margolin.

Muddy Waters & Pinetop Perkins

Bob Margolin and Sunnyland Slim, 1979, Brookshire, MA.

Muddy Waters & B.B. King – July 6, 1979

Muddy Waters & Taj Mahal in Lyon – July 16, 1979

Bob Margolin, Mookie Brill, Chuck Cotton, Jimmy Rogers

Hubert Sumlin playing Bob Margolin’s acoustic guitar in 2002. Photo Bob Margolin.

Pinetop Perkins tapping the table in time with the music. Photo 2007 Bob Margolin.

Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, 2007, Greenley, Colorado. Photo by Bob Margolin.

Pinetop Perkins and Calvin “Fuzz” Jones, 2008 King Biscuit Blues Festival, Helena, Arkansas. Photo Bob Margolin.

Hubert Sumlin listening to his old recordings with Howlin’ Wolf in Basel, Switzerland before a 2009 show. Photo by Bob Margolin.

James Cotton and Bob Margolin.

Nappy Brown playing Bob Margolin‘s acoustic guitar. Photo by Bob Margolin.

Hubert Sumlin and Pinetop Perkins, Austin, Texas, 2010. Photo Bob Margolin.

Muddy Waters alumni reunion at the 2019 Niagara Falls Blues Festival: Bob Margolin, Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson, Jerry Portnoy.

Pinetop Perkins playing Bob Margolin’s Guitar. Photo Bob Margolin.

Bob Margolin and his wife Pamela Work.

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