More Chico Chism Rememberances

Here are more photos of the late great Chico Chism, who was best known as Howlin’ Wolf’s last drummer. Chico moved to Phoenix in the 1986, where he lived the last 20 years of his life as a dearly loved and highly respected man about town. We post these as a reminder of a great man who touched the lives of many people.

Chico Chism Rogers kit

Chico Chism
(Photo by Jim “Boogie” Wells)

Albert Collins & Chico Chism

Albert Collins & Chico Chism
(Photo by Jim “Boogie” Wells)

Chico Smoking zoom

Chico Chism

Bo Didley & Chico at RR

Bo Diddley, NBA Star Bill Cartwright, Chico Chism
(Photo by Jim “Boogie” Wells)

Little Milton & Chico

Little Milton & Chico Chism
(Photo by Jim “Boogie” Wells)

Lil Ed & Chico

Lil Ed Williams & Chico Chism
(Photo by Jim “Boogie” Wells)

Chico Chism Blues Legend May 2004

Chico Chism Blues Legend Flyer

Chico Chism Music Voice Cover

Chico Chism Music Voice Cover

Chico and 02

Chief Schabuttie Gilliame, Chico Chism, Horace “Mississippi Catfish” Stewart

American Blues Legends 1979

The American Blues Legends tour of 1979 was put on by Big Bear Records and included Billy “The Kid” Emerson, Lester Davenport, Eddie C. Campbell, Good Rockin’ Charles, Nolan Stuck and, of course, Chico Chism! This tour spanned a number of weeks and hit many countries in Europe. Pictured above is that year’s logo.

American Blues Legends in the Studio

A Flyer Advertising the LP for the American Blues Legends Tour – 1979

Chico 2003 Greg Shelden

Chico’s Birthday – 2003
(Artist Greg Shelden)

Chico Chism & Jimmy Dawkins

Jimmy Dawkins & Chico Chism
(Photo by Jim “Boogie” Wells)

Chico & Jimmy Rogers

Jimmy Rogers & Chico Chism
(Photo by Jim “Boogie” Wells)

Chico Chism Blues on Lake Michigan

Flyer for Chico Chism Event With a Beautiful Portrait of Chico Overlooking Lake Michigan & the Chicago Skyline

Chico, Bob & Jimmy Rogers

Chico Chism, Bob Corritore, Jimmy Rogers
(Photo by Jim “Boogie” Wells)

Chico Chism 001

Chico Chism
(Photo by Daniel Swadener)

Chico Snooky Walkin' Cane Mark

Sam McCrae, Walking Cane Mark, Snooky Pryor, Chico Chism

George Thomas, Hubert Sumlin, Chico Chism

George Thomas Vaught, Hubert Sumlin, Chico Chism (Patrick Rynn, Henry Gray in background) at Bob Corritore’s 50th Birthday Party at the Rhythm Room in 2006 . Note that Chico was very ill at this time and George was doing his best to keep Chico inspired by setting up a band called The Flamekeepers where Chico could get on the bandstand for just a few songs per night and have the dignity of maintaining his status as a working musician. Even in a weakened state Chico would still rock the house! Thank you George.
(Photo by David Blake)

Chico Chism Cadillac

Cadillac Chico

Jockey Jim Show

This may be the earliest known photo of Chico Chism. It appears in a book called The Blacker The Berry: A Black History of Shreveport by Willie Burton. Special thanks to Chris Brown, a researcher of the subject of Shreveport, LA, who provided this photo. Shreveport was Chico’s hometown. Note that the above text is from the book.


Chico Chism with Manuel Arrington and an unidentified man, outside B.L.U.E.S. in Chicago, IL at the 1980 Living Blues Cookout. Note that Chico is holding a copy of Living Blues magazine, and was the self appointed West Side representative for the publication!
(Photo by Jim O’Neal)

Chico Chism the Great Wall

Chico & His Wall of Posters & Memories

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One thought on “More Chico Chism Rememberances

  1. Thank you so much for my uncle history, he was my hero, he was there for me, I have so many fun memories of him.

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