Janiva Magness in Phoenix – 1980s

Janiva Magness has become an internationally acclaimed blues singer who is at the top level of the contemporary blues world. She currently is signed to Alligator records and has won numerous Blues Music Awards including “B.B. King Entertainer of the Year” in 2009 and Best Contemporary Female Blues artist in 2008 and 2009. Here are some photos of Janiva in the 1980s when she lived and performed in Phoenix, Arizona. Janiva had the dream and the ambition, and these images show her at an early part of her career. During her days in Phoenix, Janiva Magness and Bob Corritore collaborated on a number of musical projects.

Janiva Magness 04

Janiva Magness & The Mojomatics – Late 1985
Jerome Teasley, Henry “Mojo” Thompson, Matt Roe, Bob Corritore, Janiva Magness
Janiva’s Alligator Press Release credits this band as her first, though she had worked in the Blues Connection Band prior to the Mojomatics.

Janiva Magness 02

A flyer for Janiva Magness & The Mojomatics, Who Performed Regularly at Tony’s New Yorker Club Lounge

Janiva Magness 01

Phoenix New Times 1986 Best of Phoenix Press Clipping
Note Tom Leavey of Mannish Boys fame was playing bass in the band at the time of this photo!

Janiva Magness 03

The Blues Connection Band – 1985
Bob hired Janiva to be a part of this review band which also featured singer Chief Schabuttie Gilliame. Also in the band were Bob Tate, Emerson Carrethers, Elmer Scott, Matt Roe, Jed Allen, and Bob Corritore. It was in this band where Janiva and saxaphonist Bob Tate became close friends. Janiva credits Bob Tate as her musical mentor.


Blues Connection Band, 1985.

Janiva Magness 05

Janiva started working in Phoenix in a duo setting with guitarist Scotty Spenner.

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