Magic Slim Photos

Magic slim and the Teardrops are one of the great Chicago blues bands. Slim is a powerful singer and a propelling down home guitarist. Bob grew up around this band. Bob and Slim are longtime friends. Here are some photos to enjoy.

Magic Slim Promo Shot for Alligator Records

A Young Magic Slim (Photo Courtesy of Steve Cushing)

Junior Pettis and Magic Slim at Florence’s, Chicago in the late 1970s. Photo Bob Corritore.


Chico Chism, Bob Corritore, Magic Slim at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona (Photo by Fonz)

Blind Pig Promo Shot


Magic Slim 1970s Promo Photo For RMR Productions, A Booking Agency Run by Bob Riedy That Pioneered Blues Bookings in North Side Clubs (Photo Courtesy of Chicago Sound Records)

Another Blind Pig Promo Shot

Magic Slim – Early 1980s (Photo by Bob Corritore)

Photo by Cilla Huggins


Magic Slim Listens to Playback of “I Wonder Why” at the Chess Recording Studios in a Session Produced by Steve Cushing – May 5, 1975 (Photo by Robert Fogt)

Magic Slim in the recording studio! Photo Robert Fogt.

Magic Slim RR

Magic Slim at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona (Photo by Bob Corritore)

Magic Slim early 1970s
Photo Sandy Sutherland (courtesy Phil Wight)

Eddie Shaw and Magic Slim.

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