Koko Taylor Photo Page

Koko Taylor is unequivocally the Queen of Chicago blues. She was a huge part of Bob’s blues upbringing. Here are some memorable photos of her highness.

Alligator Records Publicity Photo

Koko Taylor, Hammersmith Gaumont, London, 1967. Photo courtesy of Peter Webb.

Koko Taylor & Her Late Husband “Pops” Taylor at Biddy Mulligans in Chicago – 1974
(Photo by Bob Corritore)

Early publicity shot

Willie Dixon & Koko Taylor

Koko’s phone number given to Bob in 1975

Koko Taylor & Robert Lockwood, Jr. at the 2005 W.C. Handy Awards

Bruce Iglauer & Koko Taylor in session at Rax Trax Recording Studios in Chicago – June 2005 (Photo by Bob Corritore)

Early Publicity Shot

John Lee Hooker and Koko Taylor. Photo by Terry Abrahamson.

Koko Taylor & Freddy King. Photo by Terry Abrahamson.

Koko Taylor (with tiara), Lightnin’ Hopkins and unidentified people. Photo Ray Flerlage.

Koko Taylor and Bukka White. Photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir.
Koko Taylor and Willie Dixon sing Wang Dang Doodle with Mighty Joe Young at the 1972 Ann Arbor Blues Festival. Photo by Doug Fulton.



1970s Photo of Koko Taylor (Photo Courtesy of the André Hobus Library – Thanks to Photographers Bob Vanderschueren, Claude Meyer, Annique Massange, André Hobus & Marc De Jonghe)

Koko Taylor and Bob Corritore after the recording session in Chicago that yielded their remake of “What Kind Of Man Is That.” Also on that session were Bob Margolin, Bob Stroger, Little Frank, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith. The song ended up on the album Bob Corritore & Friends/Harmonica Blues!

Bob Corritore & Koko Taylor
Lucerne Blues Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland – November 2007

Koko Taylor Was on the Cover of Italy’s Il Blues Magazine in Early 2010 (Courtesy of Marino Grande)


Muddy Waters, Viola Spearman (Koko’s Sister), Levi Walton (Koko’s Brother), Otis Spann, Vera Walton (Levi’s Wife), Elga Edmonds, Koko Taylor, Robert Taylor, Jimmy Rogers, Savannah Becton (Koko’s Sister) at Silvio’s Lounge – mid 1950s (Photo From the Koko Taylor Collection, Courtesy of Alligator Records – Thank you Tim Kolleth)

Early Chess Records publicity photo of Koko Taylor, courtesy University Of Mississippi.

Brownie McGhee, Hound Dog Taylor, Koko Taylor, Odie Payne, 1967 American Folk Blues Festival tour.

Koko Taylor at the 1979 Chicago Fest!

Koko Taylor lyric sheets from a 2005 session. On that session were Koko, Bob Corritore, Bob Margolin, Little Frank, Bob Stroger and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith. That smudge mark on the first page is Koko’s makeup.

Koko Taylor and Bruce Iglauer – artist and label, friend and friend! 

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