Vintage Phoenix Blues Photos

Here are some classic photos of the Phoenix Blues scene of the 1950s and 1960s.


Duke Draper Publicity Shot (Photo Courtesy of Sherry Draper)


Duke Draper Blues Band (Photo Courtesy of Sherry Draper)


Duke Draper Blues Band (Photo Courtesy of Sherry Draper)


Duke Draper at the Drums (Photo Courtesy of Sherry Draper)


Duke Draper & His Wife Sherry (Photo Courtesy of Sherry Draper)


The Morocco Lounge in the 1960s (Photo Courtesy of John Dixon)


Al Reed & The Pipers Promo Card (Photo Courtesy of John Dixon)


Louis Jordan & Friends in South Phoenix. Louis Bought a House and Retired in Phoenix During the Late 1950s.
The Man Standing is Bob Tate Senior, Owner of Bob’s Rose Room & Father of Bob Tate, Sax Player. (Photo Courtesy of Doris Tate)


Tommy Dukes (Photo Courtesy of Miss Tavya)


Tommy Dukes And His Flames Early Promo Poster


Tommy Dukes & a Friend – Notice the Harmonica in a Rack That Tommy Has. Tommy Was Very Much Under the Jimmy Reed Influence at That Point. (Photo Courtesy of Miss Tavya)

The Calderon Ballroom was the place to see the big names back in the day!

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