R.L. Burnside Photos

The great R.L. Burnside has brought the essence of deep Mississippi blues into the 21st century and has earned legions of fans in the process. Bob has presented and produced R.L. since the early ’90’s including many now legendary live shows at the Rhythm Room, Live and studio recording sessions and a radio interview. Production credits associated with R.L have appeared on the following albums: Come On In (title track produced by Bob), Not The Same Old Blues Crap Volumes 1 & 2, The Big Bad Love Motion Picture Soundtrack, Rhythm Room Blues, Bob’s All-Star Blues Sessions and most recently the No Monkeys On This Train CD.

R.L. Burnside at the Rhythm Room. Photo Drew Verbis.

R.L. Burnside (age 42) with one of his sons. Photo (c) George Mitchell.

R.L. Burnside and his son, 1967. Photo George Mitchell.

Johnny Woods and R.L. Burnside. Photo by George Mitchell.

Photo portrait by Alfonso Zirpoli.

Photo by George Mitchell
R.L. Burnside Recording the title track to his Come On In album at the Rhythm Room. Photo Doug Fulton.
Photo by Drew Verbis
R.L. Burnside at the Rhythm Room. Photo Drew Verbis.
Left to Right: Dave Thompson, Bob Corritore, Chico Chism, R.L. Burnside, Paul “Wine” Jones. Photo taken at the Rhythm Room by Drew Verbis.
R.L. Burnside and Bob Corritore. Photo by Jim Wells.
R.L. Burnside being interviewed at KJZZ.
R.L. Burnside interview completion on KJZZ with Bob Corritore. Photo by Drew Verbis.
RL Burnside and his grandson Cedric Burnside.
Illustration by Lennie Jones.



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