Mud Morganfield CD Release Party & WGN Performance – March 2012

On March 31st, Mud Morganfield held the CD release party for Son Of The Seventh Son, his first national release just out the week before on Severn Records. The party took place at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago to a packed house of blues lovers who were there to see the eldest son of the great Muddy Waters! We must mention the wonderful opening set that night by the Chicago Blues Angels. We also have to acknowledge the great appearances by Katherine Davis and Deitra Farr who each sang a song at the opening of Mud’s second set. In addition to the show at Legends, Mud also made a televised appearance the day before on WGN which was aired throughout the USA! For both of these events, Mud reunited the stellar cast of backing musicians that appeared on the CD. Here are some photos from this blues celebration!


Mud Morganfield & Bob Corritore Performing at Buddy Guy’s Legends on March 31st for the CD Release Party of Son of the Seventh Son!
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)

Bob Corritore & Amy Brat arrive by cab to WGN for the Mud Morganfield live broadcast performance. Amy took this with her cell phone.
(Photo by Amy Brat)

Stacy Brooks snapped this photo of her TV set while watching in Washington DC. Pictured is anchorman Steve Sanders interviewing Mud and introducing the band on the set at WGN in Chicago!
(Photo by Stacy Brooks)

Mud Morganfield & Band on WGN TV!
(Photo by Stacy Brooks)

After The Televised Broadcast
Kenny Smith, Rick Kreher, Barrelhouse Chuck, Steve Sanders, Harmonica Hinds, Mud Morganfield, E.G. McDaniel, Billy Flynn, Bob Corritore
(Photo by Amy Brat)

Mud March 31

Mud Morganfield CD Release Party Poster

In the Dressing Room at Legends Before the Show
Rick Kreher, E.G. McDaniel, Harmonica Hinds, Bob Corritore, Barrelhouse Chuck, Mud Morganfield
(Photo by Kurt Swanson)


Harmonica Hinds & Mud Morganfield
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Mud Morganfield & Bob Corritore
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Barrelhouse Chuck
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Kenny Smith
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Rick Kreher
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


E.G. McDaniel
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Mud Morganfield & Bob Corritore
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Barrelhouse Chuck, Mud Morganfield, Bob Corritore, E.G. McDaniel Onstage at Legends for Mud’s CD Release Party!
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Mud Morganfield performing a selection from his new album called “Catfishing” complete with props! Bob Corritore looks on in delight!
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Catfishing! I think Mud has a bite!
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Mud reels in Miss Hollywood with his fishing pole, his catch in the song “Catfishing.” The two then dance together before Mud resumes singing!
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Miss Hollywood, Mud Morganfield, Bob Corritore Performing The Song “Catfishing” at Buddy Guy’s Legends – March 31, 2012
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Harmonica Hinds, Mud Morganfield, Bob Corritore – Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago, IL – March 31, 2012
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Mud Morganfield & Bob Corritore
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)


Mud Morganfield
(Photo by Chris Monaghan)

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One thought on “Mud Morganfield CD Release Party & WGN Performance – March 2012

  1. Wonderful cpmoilation! Thanks Marios.Do you know of the Decca cpmoilation that was released around this time (perhaps a bit later) called The World Of Blues Power Volume 2 (better than volume 1 i believe)?An incredible comp that throws in bands like Ten Years After and Savoy Brown into the mix…as well as a couple of Eddie Boyd monsters!Would be great to hear that one again if possible.

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