Lil’ Ed Photos

Lil’ Ed Williams is the nephew of J.B. Hutto, and a great artist in his own right. In addition to the great recordings he’s made for Alligator and Earwig, he has collaborated with Bob Corritore on a number of sessions. His version of his uncle’s song, Hip Shakin’, opens up Bob Corritore’s All-Star Blues Sessions record. Lil’ Ed also appears on one cut of Blues on My Radio, a celebration of 20 years of Bob’s radio show, “Those Lowdown Blues”. Special thanks to Lil’ Ed’s drummer, Kelly Littleton, for providing many of these photos, which offer an intimate view of life on the road with Lil’ Ed.

Alligator Records Publicity Photo

Lil’ Ed and Willie Dixon. Photo courtesy of Kelly Littleton.

Photo by Jillina Arrigo Pope.

Lil‘ Ed and Bob Corritore. Photo Jim Wells.

Lil‘ Ed & The Blues Imperials with B.B. King.

Alligator Records Publicity Photo

Pam & Lil’ Ed Williams on Their Wedding Day (Photo by Kim Littleton)

Johnny Rapp, Paul Thomas, Lil’ Ed having fun. Photo by Jim “Boogie” Wells.


Photo by David D. Spitzer.


Lil’ Ed photo by James Fraher.

Lil’ Ed at The Rhythm Room on his 50th birthday. Photo by Bob Corritore.

Eddie Shaw and Lil’ Ed at the 2000 Phoenix Blues Blast Festival.

Lil’ Ed at the 2000 Phoenix Blues Blast Festival. Photo Dick Rice.

Lil’ Ed appeared on The Conan O’Brien Show in 2006! They had a comedy bit that took place at B.L.U.E.S on Halsted, Chicago when Conan asked Lil’ Ed to teach him the blues. Here is photo from the filming day.

Lil‘ Ed and Bob Corritore did a down-home duo set in 2014 at the first year of the Big Blues Bender. The audience went nuts! Photo by Erik Kabik.

Lil‘ Ed & The Blues Imperials with B.B. King.

Lil’ Ed at the Big Blues Bender! Photo Marilyn Stringer.

Lil Ed and Bob Corritore at the Big Blues Bender.

Lil Ed and his wife Pam, 2015, Hondarribia, Spain. Photo Bob Corritore.

Lil Ed and Bob Corritore, Vegas.

Lil’ Ed and Mud Morganfield at the 2018 North Atlantic Blues Festival.

Lil’ Ed on Cover of Blues Revue

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