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Jimmy Rogers was one of greatest of Chicago bluesmen. He was a part of the groundbreaking Muddy Waters Blues Band that also included Little Walter. This band defined the two guitar / harmonica sound that would later become known as the classic 1950s Chicago Blues. Jimmy’s interactive guitar lines set up the perfect counterpoint to Muddy Waters’ slide playing and Little Walter’s tough harmonica licks. Jimmy Rogers also possessed what can be called the sweetest voice of Chicago Blues and that voice earned him a long list of classic hits that to this day are covered by virtually every blues band. Of all the people that Bob has played with over the years it is his association with Jimmy that Bob is proudest of. Bob purchased the Chicago Bound album as a teenager, and went to bed at night dreaming of it’s glorious sounds. Bob would go on to gig and record with Jimmy which as a harmonica player is as good as it gets. Jimmy passed on December 19th, 1997. Here are some photos of this all around great man.

Jimmy Rogers (singing) with Mighty Joe Young. Photo by Yannick Bruynoghe.

Chico Chism, Jimmy Rogers, Bob Corritore, early 90s, photo by Jim Wells. 

Louis Myers, Bob Corritore, Jimmy Rogers – Los Angeles, California – 1990 (Photo by Betty Miller)

British harmonica player Laurence “Laurie” Garman and Jimmy Rogers.

Chess Records handbill for Jimmy Rogers, courtesy Jim O’Neal who got it from Snooky Pryor.

Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Jimmy Rogers, Otis Spann at Pepper’s Lounge, Chicago, late 1950s. Photo courtesy Mary Katherine Aldin.

Jimmy Rogers, Little Walter, Otis Spann at Pepper’s Lounge. Photo courtesy Mary Katherine Aldin.

Jimmy Rogers and Johnny Littlejohn.

Johnny Littlejohn & Jimmy Rogers

Luther Tucker and Jimmy Rogers, San Francisco Blues Festival!

Jimmy Rogers – photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir.


Jimmy Rogers in session for Black & Blue Records, France 1973. Photo by Jean-Pierre Tahmazian.

Luther Tucker, Jimmy Rogers, Louis Myers. Photo 1979 by Jerry Haussler.

Jimmy Rogers, San Francisco 1979. Photo Denis Lewis.

Jimmy Rogers and Lee Jackson at the North Branch Saloon. Photo by Bob Corritore.

Big Walter Horton and Jimmy Rogers. Photo D. Shigley.

Bob Corritore and Jimmy Rogers.

Jimmy Rogers and Big Walter Horton, Netherlands 1981. Photo Bert Lek.

Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 4.35.26 PM

Fred Below, Jimmy Rogers, Louis Myers. Photo courtesy Rusty Zinn.

Bob Margolin, Mookie Brill, Chuck Cotton, Jimmy Rogers. Photo courtesy Bob Margolin.

Left to Right: Rich Yescalis, Jimmy D. Lane, Jimmy Rogers, Ted Harvey.

Drummer Dean Haas and Jimmy Rogers, 1990. Photo by Frank Bandy.

Jimmy Rogers in 1992 with Julia Hummel (Mark Hummel’s daughter) photo by David Horwitz, courtesy of Mark Hummel.

Jimmy Rogers on Conan O’Brien’s Late Night Show, 1994.

James Cotton, Sonny Boy Williamson, Jimmy Rogers, Muddy Waters, Otis Spann. Photo by Georges Adins.

Muddy Waters’ Band, early 1950s.
Left to right: Muddy Waters, unknown (maraccas), Otis Spann, Henry Strong, Elgin Evans, Jimmy Rogers.

Photo shoot for Muddy Waters / I’m Ready. Clockwise: Jimmy Rogers, Muddy Waters, Big Walter Horton, Pinetop Perkins, Bob Margolin, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Johnny Winter, Jerry Portnoy. 

Photo from the Andrea Hobus Library courtesy Marc De Jonghe.

Signed Jimmy Rogers promotional photo courtesy of Rodger Stanley.

Jimmy Rogers and Mark Hummel (Photo by Rod Neves)

Jimmy Rogers and James Cotton with Ralph Kinsey on drums at Chicago Blues Festival. 

Chico Chism and Jimmy Rogers

Jimmy Rogers and Bob Corritore at the Rhythm Room.

Jimmy Rogers & Wild Child Butler.

Blues legend Jimmy Rogers performing at the Redcar International Blues Festival 1991. Photo by “V8” Badger.

Jimmy Rogers and Big Walter Horton photo by Gerrit Robs.

Rich Yescalis and Jimmy Rogers.

Jimmy Rogers and Bob Corritore. Photo by Kati Ingino.
Billy Boy Arnold, Jimmy Rogers, Carey Bell.
Snooky Pryor and Jimmy Rogers

Jimmy Rogers poster from a show in Canada, courtesy of Rich Yescalis.

Jimmy Rogers Handbill from a U.K. tour, courtesy Rich Yescalis.

Jimmy Rogers historical marker in Ruleville, Mississippi.

Dr. Wayne Goins authored this biography of Jimmy Rogers

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