Dave Riley & Bob Corritore Photos

The Mississippi-meets-Chicago team of Dave Riley and Bob Corritore has been widely received. They met in 2004 at the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas, and released the BMA and BBMA-nominated album Travelin’ The Dirt Road on Blue Witch Records in 2007. Their sound demonstrates a natural musical chemistry and friendship, and is pure down-home blues.


Blue Witch Records Promo Photo

Dave Riley and Bob Corritore during a 2005 filming in Helena Arkansas. Photo by DJ Gary Miller.

Bob Corritore & Dave Riley at the Glendale Blues Festival in Glendale, Arizona
(Photo by David Blake)

BMA Nomination TDR

Dave Riley & Bob Corritore’s BMA Nomination Certificate


Dave Riley & Bob Corritore’s Blues Blast Music Award Nomination Plaque


Carla Robinson, Dave Riley, Bob Corritore at the 2005 Arkansas Blues & Heritage Festival
performing a John Weston memorial tribute set
(Photo by Dusty Blues)

Dave Riley and Bob Corritore at the 2008 Cognac Blues Festival. Photo El-F.

Bob Corritore, Johnny Rawls, Dave Riley 2011 at the Rhythm Room.

Bob Corritore and Dave Riley at the Rhythm Room, 2013. Photo Daniel Swadener.

Dave Riley & Bob Corritore appearing at the 2014 Chicago Blues Festival. Photo by Marilyn Stringer.
Bob and Dave in San Diego, 2015.

Brian Fahey, Dave Riley, Bob Corritore, Yahni Riley. Photo by Dave Blake.
Bob Corritore, Dave Riley at the Rhythm Room on June 29, 2019. Photo by Elaine Thomas Campbell.
Photo by Dave Blake

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