Chico Chism’s West Side Chicago Blues Party

Cover artwork is courtesy of Tony Amato of Amato Image Design. Release date May 20th, 2006.

Chico_Chism_cover art 1

Front Cover

Chico_Chism_cover art 2

Back Cover

Chico_Chism_cover art 3

Liner Notes – 1 of 4

Chico_Chism_cover art 4

Liner Notes – 2 of 4

Chico_Chism_cover art 5

Liner Notes – 3 of 4

Chico_Chism_cover art 6

Liner Notes – 4 of 4

Chico_Chism_cover art 7

Chico Chism Photos – 1 of 2

Chico_Chism_cover art 8

Chico Chism Photos – 2 of 2

Chico_Chism_cover art 9


Chico_Chism_cover art 10

Inside Tray

Chico_Chism_cover art 11

CD Face

In preparing and researching this CD, Bob came across some great photos that are shared int his section. These reflect the West Side Chicago Blues of the second half of the 1970s.


Chico Chism – Big Bear Records Publicity Photo

Eddie Shaw & Johnny Littlejohn (Photo by Amy Van Singel)

L.C. Roby Publicity Shot


Hubert Sumlin (Photo by Mary Rosenblatt)


Billy Branch With Lonnie Brooks on Guitar at the Little Mack Simmons Harmonica Contest (Photo by Jim O’Neal)

Willie James Lyons, Detroit Junior, Highway Man – Delta Fish Market in Chicago, Illinois (Photo by Jim O’Neal)


Eddie Burks


Eddie Burks

Willie Davis Publicity Shot (Couresy of Jim O’Neal)


Chico Chism & The Wolf Drum Kit!


Eddie Shaw Publicity Photo


Eddie Shaw Publicity Photo (Courtesy of Chicago Sound Records)

Chico Chism Singing at His Birthday Celebration at Redmond’s Lounge in Chicago, Illinois – May 25th, 1981 (Photo by Jim O’Neal)

Another Shot of Chico Chism at Redmond’s Lounge (Photo by Jim O’Neal)

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