Bob’s 1980s Bands (Phoenix)

Louisiana Red and Bob Corritore worked together in Phoenix during the year 1982. This really established Bob as a working musician in the Phoenix market. Here is a clipping from one of the numerous gigs. At the end of this year Red would tour Europe, meet his wife and stay in Germany.

In the early 80s Bob Corritore worked on and off with the Tommy Dukes Blues Band.

Big Pete Pearson Blues Band – 1983

Blues Connection – 1985
(Emerson Carrethers, Matt Roe, Jed Allen, Bob Corritore, Elmer Scott, Chief Gilliame, Janiva Magness, Bob Tate)

Janiva Magness & The Mojomatics – 1986
(Jerome Teasley, Henry “Mojo” Thompson, Matt Roe, Bob Corritore, Janiva Magness)

Chico Chism & The Chiztones – 1987
(The Mule, Chico Chism, a fan, Bob Corritore, Matt Roe, Bill Jenkins)

The Blues Keepers

Texas Red & Bob Corritore – 1988

Smilin’ Bob & The Lonesome Dudes – 1989
(L-R Mario Moreno, Paul Thomas, Bob Corritore, Brian Fahey)

Buddy Reed & The Rip It Ups – 1990
(Bob Corritore, Buddy Reed, Scott Meyer, Roger Rotoli)

Spenner & Corritore – 1991
Bob Corritore & Scotty Spenner

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