Blues Music Awards – 2009

The 2009 Blues Music Awards took place in Memphis, Tennessee at the Cook Convention Center on May 7th. It is the greatest annual gather place for those of us in the blues music industry. Please enjoy these photos from the event and from the Hall of Fame Dinner the night before. Thanks to the Blues Foundation for hosting this wonderful event.

ChicagoBelgium09 082

Bobby Rush & Bob Corritore
(Photo by Kim Danielson)


Koko Taylor beeing escorted onstage by Randy Chortkoff
Though we didn’t know at the time, this would be Koko’s last performance.
(Photo by Arnie Goodman)


2009BMA Chris, Bob, Patrick by BobSekinger

Chris James, Bob Corritore, and Patrick Rynn kicking off the proceedings with their performance at the BMAs
(Photo by Bob Sekinger)


Bob Corritore
(Photo by Dusty Scott)


Bob Corritore
(Photo by David Blake)


ChicagoBelgium09 062

Kim Danielson, Linda Porter, Ria McKaie
(Photo by Bob Corritore)


ChicagoBelgium09 067

Steven Seagal & Pete Carlson of Stagebrush Productions
(Photo by Bob Corritore)


ChicagoBelgium09 068

Andy McKaie, Bruce Iglauer, Bruce Bromberg
(Photo by Bob Corritore)

ChicagoBelgium09 073

Chris James & Bob Corritore
(Photo by Kim Danielson)


ChicagoBelgium09 077

Rich DelGrosso & Bob Corritore
(Photo by Kim Danielson)

ChicagoBelgium09 083

Harmonica Players Bob Corritore, Steve Guyger, Annie Raines
(Photo by Kim Danielson)

ChicagoBelgium09 089

Pinetop Perkins & Kim Danielson
(Photo by Bob Corritore)

ChicagoBelgium09 092

Bob & Linda Porter Displaying Hall of Fame Award
(Photo by Bob Corritore)


ChicagoBelgium09 096

Bob Corritore & Big Pete Pearson
(Photo by Kim Danielson)


ChicagoBelgium09 115

Patrick Rynn
(Photo by Bob Corritore)


ChicagoBelgium09 118

Johnny Rawls & Family
(Photo by Bob Corritore)



30th Annual Blues Music Awards Emblem
(Photo by David Blake)

BMA2009 LilEd by DBlake

Lil’ Ed Williams
(Photo by David Blake)


Bill Wax & B.B. King
(Photo by David Blake)


Steve Guyger
(Photo by David Blake)


Bill Gibson
(Photo by Aigars Lapsa)

Bonnie Raitt BB King DBlake

Bonnie Rait & B.B. King
(Photo by David Blake)


B.B. King & Janiva Magness
(Photo by Aigars Lapsa)


Kim Danielson, Bob Corritore, Candye Kane
(Photo by Donna Johnston)



Goodbye, Koko. We love you.
(Photo by Bob Sekinger)

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