Big Pete Pearson Photos

Big Pete Pearson is considered to be Phoenix’s King of the Blues. Big Pete is simply an amazing blues singer. He has been fronting bands in the Southwest since the 1950’s. Bob and Big Pete have a long history of playing and recording together which started almost immediately upon Bob’s arrival in Phoenix in 1981. Here are some memorable photos of this master of the blues.


Big Pete Pearson at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Arizona (Photo by Daniel Swadener)


Big Pete Pearson Needs No Microphone – Early 1980s


Big Pete Pearson In A Groove


Big Pete Pearson In A Groove


Big Pete Pearson In A Groove


Big Pete Pearson Blues Band – 1984
(front row – Matt Roe, Big Pete Pearson, Emerson Carrethers
back row – Bob Tate, Jed Allen, Elmer Scott, Bob Corritore)


Two Kings – Phoenix’s King of the Blues With B.B. King


Big Pete Pearson With Then-Wife Karen After Receiving A Keeping The Blues Alive Award From The Phoenix Blues Society


Catfish Blues


The Original Hymn Revivers Publicity Photo – Big Pete Pearson’s Gospel Roots – 1950s
Big Pete Pearson Is To The Far Left, His Wife Is The Woman With The Beehive Hairstyle Two Down From Pete


Singing The Blues


Big Pete Pearson Blues Band – Elmer Scott, Big Pete Pearson, Bob Corritore, Bernard Williams (Former Sax Player of Dyke & The Blazers), Larry Rhymes, Matt Roe, Dr. Fish – 1983


Big Pete Pearson Holding Court At The Barbecue – Dr. Fish, Matt Roe, Larry Rhymes, Big Pete Pearson, Bob Corritore, Elmer Scott, Bernard Williams – 1983



Document9 (Page 1)


With The Rhythm Room All-Stars – Chris James, Brian Fahey, Big Pete Pearson, Bob Corritore, Patrick Rynn – 2009 (Photo by David Blake)

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3 thoughts on “Big Pete Pearson Photos

  1. I am a friend of Big Pete’s from Colorado & will be in Phoenix soon. Please have him call me @ 970-560-2767

  2. hi bob, I’m a phx native and blues lover, lived walking distance from chars back in the day. anyway I had a restaurant called Tia Marias in the early 90’s in north phx and Big Pete played there for sunday brunches a few times. We shared a few Presidente brandies or ten. I met my wife during one of these shows and we are celebrating are twentieth anniversary. as a surprise I am taking her to the botanical gardens on May 13 to see Pete. Was hoping to really blow her mind with a shout out from Pete. saw your blog and that I’d give it a try!!! Our names are Tony and Glynnis Bohannon 602 339-3020 trying to keep it on the down low. Really miss living “downtown” and hitting the blues circuit. Thanks for anything you can do Tony B

  3. Big Pete Pearson
    In the local Blues dive Big Pete would sing his songs
    about life, living and love sometimes gone
    He would sing about a lonely heart
    and how a woman could do you wrong
    The stories he sang could overcome you
    as you listened to the sorrowed news
    I would set, drink and try to understand
    the message of Big Pete’s blues
    After a set I would buy him a shot
    he would say how everything was great
    Then once again he would take to his stage
    singing about life’s burden and weight
    He seemed to sing how life was a bomb
    lit by a slow burning fuse
    How no one seemed to understand
    except me and Big Pete’s blues
    One night in a joint on the east side of town
    we drank and he sang the night away
    In between songs we sat side by side
    talking about what comes with the day
    As he left to sing another night filled song
    he said “your life should be as you choose”
    And in my head I thought how no one understood
    except me and Big Pete’s blues
    Now I haven’t seen Pete for awhile
    but I hear he is still givin shows
    I bet he still takes a nightly drink
    and sings the blues on how life goes
    As for me I hit a wall one night
    now I am still trying to find the clues
    To understand the joy of life
    that was a part of Big Pete’s blues

    s. Lemuel Kennedy
    June 2002

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