Thursday, February 7, 2013

  • IBC‘s in Memphis recap! Each year in early February, the Blues Foundation‘s International Blues Competition (IBCs) in Memphis unites the blues world. It is a gargantuan contest in which each blues society in each community sends the winner of their local competition as their representative. Beale Street (the venue filled strip where the IBCs take place) is bursting with all the ambitious energy of these bands and the people who came to cheer them on. Is there any other genre of music that has such a well-organized network come together with this force? The Blues Foundation must be commended for creating this forum and for handling the huge organizational responsibility that goes along with it. There are also jams, and showcases that take place before, and after these events, and of course the Keeping The Blues Alive (KBA) Brunch is a great way to honor the lifetime work of many hardworking blues devotees. I fully enjoyed the IBCs and I performed 5 times during the week, making music with such great artists asJonn Del Toro RichardsonRich DelGrossoCassie Taylor, The Andy T. / Nick Nixon Band (with Anson Funderburgh and Markey Jeanette), The Nick Moss Band (with stunning vocalist Mike Ledbetter), Phil Pimberton Doug Woolverton (from Roomful Of BluesBig Bill MorganfieldClay Swafford,Tony BraunegalMarie Woodford,  Micah Ian Kesserling, and others. There was also some fun off-stage playing with harmonica players Dennis GruenlingAndrew Ali, and Big John! Great to see so many friends and to play for some many blues lovers. Congratulations to IBC winner Selwyn Birchwood from Florida who you will hearing a lot from in the years to come. Here is a nice photo page from the IBCs from Blues Festival Guide Magazine (click here). Thank you to the Blues Foundation for creating this forum for all of us to gather to celebrate the music, and to legitimately raise up-and-comers into the international spotlight.
    – Bob Corritore
  • Living Blues lists Top 50 Blues Albums Of 2012! Bob Corritore appears on 4 of them! The current issue of Living Blues Magazine compiles of list of the “Top 50 Blues Albums For 2012.” Congratulations to all the great releases that appear on this list. Bob Corritore plays harmonica on 4 of these 50 Cds; Mud Morganfield / Son Of The Seventh Son (which came in #3), The Mannish Boys / Double Dynamite ( #5), Tail Dragger & Bob Corritore / Longtime Friends In The Blues(#13) and Smokin’ Joe Kubek & B’Nois King / Close To The Bone (# 22)! You can find out more about Living Blues Magazine at and to see the complete listing of their “Top 50 Blues Albums of 2012,” click here.
  • Bob Corritore‘s blues radio show celebrates it’s 29 year anniversary this Sunday! In February of 1984 Bob Corritorebegan broadcasting his very traditionally oriented blues show on KJZZ (then called KMCR). This Sunday, 29 years later Bob is still hosting his 5 hour weekly program and enjoying every minute of it. In 2007 this radio show was honored by the Blues Foundation with a Keeping The Blues Alive Award! You can tune in this and each Sunday online at or if in Phoenix at 91.5 FM from 6pm to 11pm Arizona time. Thanks to KJZZ for providing a safe and consistant place for blues to be broadcast!
  • Eddie C. Campbell Health Update. This information cones via The Chicago Blues Guide about Chicago blues guitar greatEddie C. Campbell who recently suffered a heart attack and a stroke while on tour in Germany. The CBG quotes Eddie’s longtime partner Barbara Mayson Campbell as saying “Eddie is out of intensive care and stablized. However, he is at present paralyzed on his right side. Time is of the essence, Eddie’s prognosis for a full recovery is dependent upon him receiving the appropriate medical attention including neuro/physical therapy. Eddie has no medical coverage in Germany and, due to his condition, he may only be able to fly comercially with a medical escort, or in an air ambulance. The costs will be staggering in the coming weeks and months. Donations are being accepted through the Eddie C. Campbell Assistance Fund PayPal account at the following link (click here)” Note that a benefit for Eddie C. Campbell is being planned for Sunday February 17 at Rosa’s in Chicago.

  • Jimmy Vaughan doing well after last week’s heart attack. This from Jimmy Vaughan‘s press people: “Jimmie Vaughanwas admitted to Pomona Hospital Medical Center on January 23rd, 2013 with an acute Myocardial Infraction. He had aCoronary Angioplasty and Stent placement. He is progressing well after this routine procedure and was discharged from the hospital on January 25th. Jimmie feels fine but was advised by his cardiologist to rest at home for a month. He regretfully had to cancel a scheduled trip to The Mahindra Blues Festival in Mumbai, India as a result. Mr. Vaughan said, ‘I feel really good and I can’t wait to get back to work with my band.’”
  • Blues Music Awards voting going on right now! Voting for the 2013 Blues Music Awards (BMAs) is in progress andBlues Foundation members can make their  choices now until 7:59am on March 1. To see the list of this year’s nominations click here.  Bob Corritore is nominated for a BMA in the “Harmonica” catagory. Also 2 releases that Bob is associated with are up for a couple awards each; Mud Morganfield / Son Of The Seventh Son, and The Mannish Boys / Double Dynamite. The award winners will be anounced at the formal ceremony which takes place on Thursday, May 9th at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis. For more on the awards and the Blues Foundation go to 
  • Junior Watson / Fred Kaplan Band to appear Friday at the Rhythm Room! West Coast heaveyweights Junior Watson,Fred KaplanRichard Innes and Kedar Roy will appear this Friday, February 8 at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix with a guest appearance by Bob Corritore. The show is appropriately titled “West Coast Blues Masters” and you can expect the highest quality of musicianship from these great players. Go to for more information. To see the beautiful poster for this event designed by Amy Brat click here.
  • Muddy Waters home will not be torn down! After a number of newspapers reported the possible demolition of Muddy Waters historic Southside residence, we are relieved to have a recent report that this landmark is to remain. Thanks to Tom Marker of WXRT’s Blues Breakers program for posting this news, which you can read by clicking here.
  • Eddie Taylor Photo Page started! Guitarist Eddie Taylor was among the greatest blues guitarists, and his work defined the instrument’s role in Chicago Blues. Last week in our newsletter we requested photo contributions for a tribute photo pageand we were very pleased by offerings from Scott Dirks, Hasse Andreasson, Barrelhouse Bonni McKeownTom Buckley,Justin O’Brien, and Bert Lek. Due to time constraints we have not added all these submissions yet but they are coming!Here is the start of our Eddie Taylor photo page with more images to be added very soon! Click here to see.
  • RIP Precious Bryant – January 4, 1942 – January 12, 2013. Georgia blueswoman Precious Bryant was a spectacular down- home singer and guitarist who combined her love for Memphis MinnieJimmy Reed and Muddy Waters with thespirituals and rags that characterize her region. She passed away on Jan 12, 2013 at age 71. Her petite stature was no indication of her powerful full-bodied vocals, accomplished finger picking guitar, and rabble-rousing personality. Precious Bryant was born in Talbout County, Georgia and raised on her family’s farm. Discovered and recorded first in 1969 by folklorist George Mitchell, Precious would go on to make 4 records; My Name Is Precious on the Music Maker FoundationLabel, and Fool Me Good and The Truth on Terminus Records, and a shared album with Algia Mae Hinton called Gran’mas I Have Never Had on Moi J’Connais Records. She was featured on a number of songs on the National Downhome Blues Festival album on Southland Records, and her song “Morning Train” appears in the soundtrack of the motion picture Black Snake Moan. Though a rich talent, she lived lived a humble life, residing in a trailer home in the woods near Waverly Hall, Georgia. To read a beautiful article about Precious Bryant from Access Atlanta, click here
  • Precious Bryant on YouTube! The zesty music of the recently deceased blues gem Precious Bryant is captured on these great clips:
    Performing the Memphis Minnie song “Me & My Chauffeur.” Click here to see. 

    Performing “I’m Broke And Ain’t Got A Dime.” Click here
    Performing “Buck Dance.” Click here
    Performing “Black Rat Swing.” Click here.

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