Willie Buck Photos

Willie Buck. Photo courtesy Duane Alan.

A young Willie Buck (left) with cousins George and James Moore. Photo courtesy of Scott Dirks.

Willie Buck 1970s promo photo.

Sunnyland Slim and Willie Buck

Lovie Lee, Illinois Slim, Willie Buck at the Checkerboard Lounge. Photo Bob “Slim” Rader.

Willie Buck, Dimestore Fred, Waitress, Illinois Slim, Greedy Man, 1980s, Checkerboard Lounge. Photo by Bob “Slim” Rader, courtesy Illinois Slim.

Willie Buck’s auto shop calendar, 1980. If you read the fine print you’ll see his blues band lineup. Bob Corritore would start doing gigs with Willie Buck that year, and must have been the replacement for Dimestore Fred who went off to pursue a career in rockabilly music. By today’s standards these girly calendars are politically incorrect, but in 1980 these types of calendars were common for auto shops. Calendar courtesy of Illinois Slim.


This photo from Muddy Waters funeral, 1983. Willie Buck is right next to Johnny Winter. Also in the photo are Big Time Sarah and Big Moose Walker. The person in the front with the tie is Teddy Slatus, manager of Johnny Winter.

Ardella Williams, Willie Buck, Bob Corritore at the Woodlawn Taproom in 2009. Photo Jocelyn Richez.


Photo James Fraher

Jon Atkinson, Bob Corritore, Willie Buck at Poor House Bistro, California, 2015. Photo by Julie Jahns.

Willie Buck appearing at Biscuits & Blues, San Francisco, California, 2015. Left to Right: Kedar Roy, Jon Atkinson, Willie Buck, Bob Corritore, Danny Michel. Photo by Deb Lubin.

Willie Buck at the Rhythm Room for the 2018 CD release party for Don’t Let The Devil Ride. Photo by Robert Jackson.

Photo by Robert Jackson.



Photo Nanny Kajuiter


Willie Buck at Honey Bear’s Barbecue! Photo by Bob Corritore.

Photo by Bob Corritore.

Tail Dragger, Amberly Stokes, Willie Buck at the Blues Heaven Foundation, 2019. Photo Bob Corritore.

Willie Buck, Bob Corritore, Tail Dragger in front of Jazz Record Mart.

Willie Buck. Photo Kurt Foor.


Willie Buck and Deborah Morganfield.

Willie Buck with Thaddeus Krolicki on guitar. Photo Vincent Di Sandro.

Carl Weathersby and Willie Buck at the 2015 Hayward / Russell City Blues Festival, California. Photo Joe Lempkowski.

Willie receives his award! Photo Connie Carrol.

Group photo: Alabama Mike, Jimi “Primetime” Smith, Willie Buck, Johnny Rapp, Bob Corritore, Brian Fahey, Oscar Wilson, and Bob Stroger at the Rhythm Room in 2018. This was for Bob‘s birthday party and the CD release party for Don’t Let The Devil Ride. Photo by Marilyn Stringer.

Willie Buck at the Rhythm Room. Photo Bob Corritore.


An assortment of Willie Buck T-Shirts.

Show poster courtesy of Scott Dirks.

Poster courtesy of Illinois Slim.



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