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Jimmy Reed was a true blues boss man with his own definitive style and a list of hits that is pretty much unequalled. His sound was pure blues but it was so likeable that he was able to win over all audiences! We show our love for this great artist with this collection of photos in his honor.
The classic Vee Jay Records promo shot with the tape on the seat cushion!
Jimmy Reed at the Fort Worth Masonic Temple, 1950’s.
Jimmy Reed played harmonica in a neck rack while he played guitar!
Reverend Gary Davis and Jimmy Reed
Bluesway promotional photo.
Jimmy Reed! Photo by Brian Foskett.
Eddie Taylor and Jimmy Reed, Copenhagen, 1968. Photo by Jan Persson. 
Jimmy Reed and his close associate Eddie Taylor. It was Eddie who played the lower register guitar “Lump” on the records in what would be come known as the Jimmy Reed shuffle.
Jimmy Reed, 1968 at Vulcan Gas Company, Austin, Texas. Photo by B. Wilson.
Jimmy Reed and Wilson Pickett
Jimmy Reed with the Wilson Pickett Band.
Jimmy Reed / Rockin’ With Reed album on Vee Jay Records
One of the craziest photos ever with Jimmy Reed playing to an audience wearing masks! Photo by Ernest Withers.
Rare red vinyl! Photo courtesy Anthony Lennane.
Flyer for the Flamingo Club November 2nd, 1964, Flamingo Club, Wardour Street, London.
Clipping from Cash Box magazine courtesy of Phil Wight.
Jimmy Reed contracts. Photo courtesy Real Blues Forum.
Jimmy Reed early 1960s (photo courtesy the McFarland Collection)


Eddie Taylor and Jimmy Reed
Jimmy Reed and Anthony Lennane.
Jimmy Reed at the Flamingo Club, London, 1964. Photo Anthony Lennane.
Jimmy Reed in a London cab! Photo Anthony Lennane.
Jimmy Reed in a London Cab (seated next to manager Al Smith) outside the Flamingo Club in 1964. Photo Anthony Lennane.
Jimmy Reed with Dave Sax and Cliff White at the Flamingo Club, London 1964. Photo Anthony Lennane. 
Jimmy Reed at the Flamingo Club, London, 1964. Photo Anthony Lennane.

L-R Johnnie Mae Dunson, Amy O’Neal, Jimmy Reed, Jimmy Primetime Smith. At the time of this photo, Jimmy Reed was trying to get a Pepsi endorsement and so everyone was drinking Pepsi and there is a wall of Pepsi cans behind them! 
Jimmy Reed and Jimi Primetime Smith.
Photo by Brian Smith
Mama Reed and Jimmy Reed
Photo by Ernest Withers
The Jimmy Reed Play-Along Music Book! 

Billboard Ad from Vee Jay Records, June 13, 1960. Courtesy Sonny Burnette.

Courtesy Sonny Burnette

Jimmy Reed. Photo by Jim O’Neal.
Photo Jan Persson
Photo Jan Persson
John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Reed! Photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir.
Michael De Jong and Jimmy Reed. Photo by Savoy Tivoli. 
Jimmy Reed and friend clowning around for the camera! 
Photo by Brian Smith
Photo by Brian Smith
Photo Brian Smith

Jimmy Reed and Leonard Mixon onstage at the Heart O’ Texas Coliseum – 1961

Photo by Jimmie Willis.

Eddie Taylor and Jimmy Reed!

Artist Will “Tootsie” Mullins amazing sculpture of Jimmy Reed!


Jimmy Reed obituary courtesy of Illinois Slim.

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