Bob Corritore Art

What a humbling compliment to have great artists portray your likeness! Please enjoy!

Illustration by Vince Ray (2018)


Painting by Vern Edwards (2016)


Sculpture by Vern Edwards (2016)

Here is Vern Edwards rough sketch plan for the eventual sculpture above.


Drawing by Arvo Wichmann (2012)


Painting of Bob Corritore and Lil’ Ed at the Big Blues Bender by Scramble Campbell (2014)


Drawing of John Primer and Bob Corritore by Tom Walbank (2016)


Champions Of The Homeless Mural by Laura Thurbon (2016)


Painting by Rusty Walker (2009)

Bob rocks – literally! Painted stone by Gypsy Wild At Harp (2017)

This amazing painting of my harmonica hand was done by the Cindi Bernhardt. This was on display in 2010 at the Amanda’s Roller Coaster harmonica show. Thus the great autographs! Cindi does not have use of her arms, and has been able to overcome that obstacle by holding a paintbrush in her mouth. That makes this painting even more incredible. Love you Cindi!


Painting of Bob Corritore and Big Pete Pearson at the Silver City Blues Festival by Moses Ayoub.

Illustration by Tom Walbank.

This painting by Molly Moonstone became the cover for the album Bob Corritore & Friends / Do The Hip-Shake Baby!


Bob Corritore sculpture by Thomas Fruge.


This birthday painting was presented to Bob Corritore on his 66th birthday party in 2022 by artist Willow Senjamin.


Painting by Art Allen.

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