The Reed Family Album

The Reed family moved from Chicago to settle in Phoenix in the 1970s and have made a lasting musical impression. Their sound is Gospel-drenched Soul and Jazz. Francine Reed has gone on to national prominence, appearing as a star in her own right and as a featured member of Lyle Lovett’s touring band. Bob has recently collaborated with the family and engineering genius Clarke Rigsby to create the CD “Blood Harmony: A Capella.” This captures a musical reunion with the family singing a mix of mostly gospel numbers with some R&B and Christmas tunes thrown in. Here is the cover design by Tony Amato of Amato Image Design and some memorable photos from the family archives.


Blood Harmony: A Cappella CD Cover




Reed Family in concert at Doubletree Inn in Scotttsdale, AZ
Michael, Tony, Margo, Francine, Mellody, Lavergne
(Photo courtesy of Patricia Myers)





Patricia Myers (longtime Reed Family advocate) & Margo

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4 thoughts on “The Reed Family Album

  1. Is Margo’s birth name Margaret? I worked with a woman at the Arizona State Capitol in about 1974 named Margaret who used to tell me stories about Aretha Franklin, and her own singing career. We went out to lunch once, came back to work kind of late. If so, hi from Lucia.

  2. No, sorry, she was named Margo at birth, never worked at the AZ state capitol, and her early personal favorite was Mahalia Jackson. — from Patricia Myers, Reed family biographer since 1974.

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